OBIEE 11g Dynamic Column Selector in Report

OBIEE has a nice feature called Column Selector that allows users to dynamically choose columns for reporting. This feature is available at report/analysis.

A Column Selector view adds a column selector to the results. A column selector is a drop-down list from which users can dynamically change the columns that display in results. This will allow you to analyse data along several dimensions. By changing the measure columns, you can dynamically alter the content of the analyses you have created.

To create a Column Selector, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Plant Subject Area  Analysis in the Analysis Editor. The Results are show below.

1)      Click the New View icon and select Other Views > Column Selector.

2)      The Column Selector view appears. Drag the Column Selector view above the Title view.

3)      Select Plant column include in the check box, select other column which we want to include.

4)      In the Label (optional) Choices text box, enter Choose a column:

5)      With Column still selected, double-click the following columns to add to the selector

6)      None is the blank column created in BMM Layer (RPD) and move it to presentation Layer. If users don’t want to see plant column then they can select as None column.

Click Done.

 *  The Compound Layout appears:

Click the Column Selector drop-down list and select Plant:

The values change appropriately. Note, however, that because you set a custom heading for the Plant column earlier, the custom heading is still displayed for the column.

If user doesn’t want the column in the report then he can select none from the Plant drop down list. In the report Plant column removed from the report and group by with other dimensions.

Save the Analysis.

Hope it is useful…



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