Essbase Cube Migration from On-Prem to OACS

  Essbase Cube Migration from On-Prem to OACS

        Below is the EAS console login screen



How to migrate the above mentioned On-prem cube to OACS
The OAC Essbase provides few utilities which can be used for exporting applications from On-Premise application and importing it into OAC environment.
This document explains about how to migrate the Essbase applications to OAC using utilities.

v  Utilities
Below are utilities which is downloaded from OAC environment. I have downloaded the Life Cycle Management Utility and Command Line Tool to my local machine for migrating on-premise applications to OAC Essbase.
                1. Life Cycle Management Utility(LCM)
                2. Command Line Utility

v  Prerequisites

•  To use the Essbase LCM utility and Command line interface, Java JDK 8 should be installed and the JAVA_HOME path should be set.
•  On-Premises Essbase applications should be converted to Unicode mode (UTF-8 encoding) before migrating into OAC Essbase environment.
•  Right Click on MT and click on Edit Properties then go to General Tab and Enable Unicode Mode 

Exporting On-Premise Application
•       I have followed the blow steps to export the on-premise application using Essbase LCM Utility.
•       Open the 'CMD' and change the directory to ‘D:\Satish\EssbaseLCMUtility’ where I have downloaded the utility.
•       Run the below command to export the application from Essbase. This command exports the data and artifacts.

v  Export Application -Progress

v  Application Export Folder
 The Application folder is exported to EssbaseLCMUtility Folder.

v  Importing the application into OAC
I have manually copied the exported application folder to CommandLineUtility home folder.

v  Importing the application to OAC

 I have executed the below CLI commands to import the application folder into OAC Essbase.

  Set the Java Home and CLI Home:

                                SET CLI_HOME=D:\CommandLineUtility

                                SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_161

v  Logging into OAC:
                                esscs login -user TestAdmin -url

v  Importing Application into OAC:
                                Esscs lcmimport -v -zipfilename

   Go to OAC application console and refresh the application list to see the migrated application.



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